Permaculture: Design for Sustainable and Healthy Living

with Thomas Riedmuller
in collaboration with UCC Centre for Adult Continuing Education
from 28 January to 25 March 2019
Eight weeks, Monday 7-10pm
plus one full-day field trip to The Hollies Centre (incl. lunch)
This interactive course is for everyone who wishes to learn more about how eco-systems work and how this understanding can lead to a more sustainable way of life. An important aspect of this course is enhancing your connections to yourself, to others and to nature. You will gain insights into many areas of life, from households to urban gardens, small holdings, woodlands, and how cities can be transformed into living landscapes. The main focus is to get inspiration for your own lives whether you have a garden or own a house or not.

Course Outline
Each session will follow an experiential and interactive format where aspects of sustainable living are introduced and applications to participants’ lives are explored.

1) Sustainability – taking care of the seventh generation after us. Learning to distinguish between truly sustainable approaches and ‘green-washed’ superficial ‘business-as-usual’
2) How Eco-Systems work. What is unsustainable about current lifestyles? Permaculture Principles and how they can help to make positive. Understanding Energy – Resources – Inputs – Outputs – Functions. On the level of a garden, of your household and of your town/community.
3) Everything gardens. Everywhere. Garden design for food and health.
4) Ecology of a house. Gardening on window sills, back yards, small urban spaces. Food and medicine for free – Foraging in cities/ in the country. How a garden system can work with natural cycles. How thinking in garden systems can inform other areas of life. Retro-fitting a house for energy efficiency and health. Renewable energy. Personal energy use. How your personal choices influence your own life and society.
5) Natural Building materials and techniques. Cob, Straw, Wood, Stone, Lime. How ‘Green Building’ is different from ‘Natural Building’. Be your own architect – approaches to design that can benefit everyone.
6) Sustainable Woodland Management – Forest Gardens – Agro-Forestry. Coppicing. Trees in the City
7) Community-based approaches to sustainable living. The Transition Movement – Community Gardens and Allotments – Community Supported Agriculture. What is happening in the world, in Ireland, in Cork? How to get involved?

8) Re-designing your life, your business, your family using permaculture.
Whole Day field trip to The Hollies Centre for Sustainability near Enniskeane. This day will include lunch (pizza from a wood-fired clay oven), tours of cob houses, organic gardens, woodlands and demonstrations of cob building, and food foraging. It will be on a Saturday or Sunday, date to be arranged with the group at the beginning of the course. Transport to The Hollies is either by Bus Eireann from Cork to Enniskeane with pick up from there or by private cars (and lift share).
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