Build a Healthy House without a mortgage

Beat the recession with healthy and affordable building methods using natural materials.

11-13 May 2012. A 3-day workshop with Ulrike and Thomas Riedmuller.
Cost: €180 including lunch.
cob A thorough introduction to the world of natural building in an inspiring environment: cob, clay straw, bale cob, cordwood, wattle and daub. Profound insights into a wide range of building techniques. You will gain an overview and a practical feel for cob…what it can do for you and what it can’t – the kind of thing you don’t get out of books. Let yourself be inspired by a beautiful cob home, earthen and lime plasters, natural paints, earthen floors, unique wood work, and many other sustainability features – and most of all by the people from whose mistakes you can learn.

Some previous participants of our weekend course went away and built their own cob house. Others came back to do the 9-day cob course for more profound learning.

Ulrike and Thomas have built their family home and several other buildings with Cob and have been teaching Natural Building for many years.