Living Soil

/>Saturday, 5/5/2018IMG_2337-e

Time: 10.00-16.30

Cost €60, Lunch included

Tutors: Selvi Iyilikci and John Conway

The key for healthy plant growth in your garden is the maintenance of a healthy, vibrant soil. During this day we will develop an understanding of some of the important aspects of soil ecology: The existence of millions of macro and micro organisms that work hard to keep our soil alive and functioning.

We will learn about soil structure and what soil is made up of and the importance of the availability of nutrients and minerals in the soiland how we need to feed the soil (organisms) with organic matter rich fertilizers such as rotted manure, garden compost or seaweed. We will have a look at different soils and investigate soil types here in the gardens and we will have a look at natural soil conditioners we use in The Hollies.

If you like to find out about your own garden soil you can bring a jam jar full of soil sample from home and do a p.H test beforehand – so that we can discuss soil improvements for your own situations.

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