Building Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers needed for latest Building ProjectDSC_6527-e

In May 2013 we started building a Cob House at the Hollies. Over the last three summers we have built the foundation walls and built up over 80% of the walls. Most of the windows and doors are in also. We have used the hand building method of raising the cob walls. This a labour intensive method of taking bigger stones out of the cob by passing the sub soil through a sieve before mixing it with sand, straw and water on a tarpaulin. This mix then gets ‘cobbed’ into small balls that get put on the wall. This gets paired back with an old saw and a level. This method of building is the ‘hand sculpting’ method so excellently described in ‘The Hand sculpted House’ book, that has influenced so many cob builders.

This method can be slow but the quality of the material mixed, and therefore the quality of the build is high. We like this method at the Hollies because it is fun and sociable. Because there is no heavy machinery such as diggers on the building site, the opportunities for talking, laughing, enjoying music or the tranquillity of the countryside around us can be more deeply appreciated. This summer we are looking for volunteers to help with the building of this house.We are looking for people who have as interest in natural building, not necessary experience, but a willingness to learn and to work in a team.

Anyone who volunteers at the Hollies for a longer period of time has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of natural building and acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of the practical and philosophical aspects of this way of building. All meals and accommodation are provided for the exchange of work. All volunteers ‘live’ with us at the Hollies as part of our community at the Hollies in beautiful West Cork.

Please contact: or call JohnJohn 0860883116