Botanical Ink Making

March 7th, June 27th; 10am – 4pm

Cost: €70

From the hedgerows, the gardens, the wayside ditches.

From the compost, the wine cup, the shed.

From all these likely or unlikely places we can forage and explore. Finding hidden in the roots and flowers and forgotten rusting nails a whole world to delve into that can easily yield up its colour.

In these workshops we will explore how to attain natural colour from some of these places, and how to open up the colour spectrum of the inks we make on the day in a whole variety of changing and exciting ways.

Whether you are a enquiring crafter, a daring DIYer or simply looking for a nice way to spend the day, come and join us on this adventure into colour.

Through the act of engaging with the plants and compost heap as a source of ink making, a look at the hedge will never be the same again.

All materials will be provided. But it is advisable to wear old cloths that you wouldn’t mind getting stained.